Stop Smart Meters!:  CA based website fighting for health, privacy, and safety

Wireless Right-to-Know: Download stickers and designate an area a wireless free zone

Center for Safer Wireless: Promoting Safety in Our Wireless World

Naperville Smart Meter Awareness: Promoting awareness of smart meters in Naperville IL

Maryland Smart Meter Awareness: Promoting awareness of smart meters in Maryland

Take Back Your Power: Documentary Feature Film Covering the Smart Grid Scandal


Scientific Studies on Wireless Risks to Health

Sept. 19th 2012: More than 50 scientists and medical professionals from 20 countries call for precaution regarding deployment of wireless “smart meters.”

World Health Organization Designates Wireless as a Class 2B Carcinogen (pdf)

National Institutes of Health Study Reveals Cell Phones Alter Brain Activity

Santa Cruz County Health Department Report: Health Risks of Smart Meters (pdf)

Journal of Neuroscience- evidence for electro-sensitivity

Public health implications of wireless technologies (pdf)

Bioinitiative Report

UC Nuclear Policy Lecturer Dan Hirsch Report on Smart Meter Emission Strength (pdf)

Assessment of Radiofrequency Microwave Radiation Emissions from Smart Meters

Dr. Henry Lai’s Vienna Report on RFR Bioeffects (pdf)

American Academy of Envl. Medicine Recommends Patients Avoid Smart Meters (pdf)

More studies at:

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