You are free to use these images on flyers or online to promote your local event, and generally to spread the word about the pitfalls of “smart” meters:

Oct. 4th Poster

Download Oct 4 poster jpeg







General “Say NO to Smart Meters”









Oct. 4th Flyer

Oct. 4th Flyer (add local details)

Oct. 4th Washington DC Flyer







Smart Grid Informational Brochure

Go to to order printed copies of this detailed brochure (at cost- .10 cents/ each) or download a color or black and white pdf file here and then print on legal size paper.





BC Canada Protest Poster

Download BC Canada Flyer








Sacramento, CA Flyer









Smart Meters are Not Healthy

Download pdf letter size

Download poster size

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  1. we must all join together and rall them to put an end to all of this! our website has it all. has allot of info to download and pass on to others! we must unite and fight for our freedoms. stand up and let your voices heard. pauline holeton shelby twp mich

  2. everyone all join in on oct 4th and rally all of their palces and to tell them we will not have this on our homes. just say NO.. no mandate for them. pauline holeton shelby twp mich. michigan is fighting them in lansing u-17,053!

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